This is the network agreement to be signed by all members of the TCRN.

How does the TCRN work?

  • Members of TCRN sign a network “trust” agreement. Currently, Network Agreements are in place between all four TCRN member organizations. All of these organizations have successfully implemented TIES nodes and are now part of the TCRN. Members of TCRN who signed our Network Agreement have also agreed to use an unaltered UBMTA for transfer of tissue.
  • Users are credentialed at their local institutions (for example. by the local Tissue Bank), at which point a study is created. This study specifies the request to access data or tissue from another institution. Additional information, such as an IRB protocol, is collected from the investigator if applicable. Once all regulatory documents are provided, the study is made visible to the TIES Administrators at the member institutions through TIES.
  • Users may request access as preliminary users (aggregate data preliminary to research), research data only, or research data with tissue. Additional documentation is required from users who wish to access research data with tissue.
  • TIES Administrators from external organizations examine the request and associated documentation and grant access to their own institution’s de-identified data for the specific external investigator(s) on a specific study.
  • Once access is granted, researchers on that study will be able to access de-identified data from the external institution. If they have an MTA, they will be able to request tissue.
  • Individuals with Honest Broker credentials to TIES are able to view identified data only from their own institution and only when they are within their institutional firewalls. This enables local tissue banks to use their own identified data in obtaining retrospective tissue or combining TIES data with other data sources.

We actively encourage the addition of new organizations as TCRN members. Interested parties should apply for a TIES Node License and indicate interest in becoming a TCRN member institution.