Joining the TCRN Checklist

This is a brief checklist of what you should have prepared in order to join the TCRN. Below is a quick checklist, but for a more in-depth look into what all needs to be completed, please visit: Joining of new member institutions

Step 1: Node License Request, Installation, and Preparation

  • Fill out the form and request a Node License :
  • Install TIES Software:
  • Provide evidence for deployment – at least two months of use and a current IRB protocol for the resource
  • Have at least 50,000 pathology reports available in the system with at least 50% already de-identified as well as be familiar with all of the TCRN policies and processes
  • Provide a regulatory administrator, IT administrator, Quality Assurance Manager, and TCRN Approval Committee as well as be familiar with all of the TCRN standards

Step 2: Security

  • Be able to secure institutional information displayed on TIES
  • Be able to submit to employee vetting to verify status and authorized status
  • Be able to run operating system software and secure proper anti-virus/malware
  • Be able to follow the TCRN incident reporting standard operating procedure in the unlikely event of a security breach
  • Have determined the method to be used to de-identify text information. This should be approved by your IRB as part of your IRB protocol

Step 3: Resources

  • Determine what  kinds of tissue samples could be made available and under what circumstances